Luillo Ruiz

General Producer

Born from an actress and a photographer and growing up playing hide and seek with his brother around the seats of a popular San Juan theater, Luillo’s future brilliant career as a producer was practically pre-destined. Luillo Ruiz is head of production at Pimienta, and is one of the most accomplished and respected producers in Puerto Rico. He has had an extensive career in advertising production. His portfolio of commercials includes business relationships with established Advertising Agencies as JWT, Saatchi and Saatchi, Ogilby, Y &R among many others with such recognized brands as Pepsi, Budweiser, Coors Light, and Verizon. Luillo moved into feature filmmaking in 2006 to produce the heartwarming and critically acclaimed comedy Maldeamores. Most recently, he participated as associate producer in George Clooney’s The Men Who Stares at Goats, and in 2009 he finished the production of the supernatural thriller The Caller, starring Stephen Moyer and Rachel Lefevre. The Caller embodies Pimienta’s new financial model designed for the international film market and the crossover.

Since then, Luillo has taken a leading role in the Puerto Rican cinema revolution which is bringing significant foreign productions into the island to capitalize on the outstanding resources it has to offer. Through Pimienta, one of the leading film production companies of the island, he has developed a variety of initiatives aimed at fostering the industry’s continued growth. Such initiatives include short film development programs for young directors, featuring as speaker in various film lectures, and acting as strong for the Puerto Rican film industry. Luillo and his team are also involved in the development of infrastructure projects, educational programs, and a local film festival, initiatives aimed at further advancing the Puerto Rican film industry and its enthusiastic community.