Pimienta’s services include, but are not limited to:

Helping secure the 40% (payments of production costs to Puerto Rico residents) & 20% (payments of non-residents “Above-the-Line”, including producers, directors, writers and talent) tax credits in an effective and efficient manner.

Financing through Pimienta’s exclusive arrangement with local subsidies.

Facilitate the cash flow of up to 50% of the tax credit upfront from the Treasury Department.

Procure a guarantee for the tax credit from the PR Development Bank to enable the balance of the tax credit to be cash flowed (as required).

On Co-Productions, procure access to the local Film Fund for, up to $1.2 MM.

Assistance and advise on:

  • The appointment of all local crew.
  • All local technical aspects of the production.
  • All location matters including, permits, contracts and agreements.
  • Logistics of travel and accommodation for visiting creative team, actors, production staff and key personnel.
  • Hiring of local equipment and facilities.

Support during the development phase of the project - including procuring production services for location scouting, script notes, scheduling, budgeting, and budget analysis (among others).

Development of strategies to facilitate the support of, and access to the local film industry, community, government, and the private sector. This will be useful in ensuring that the practicalities of filming and any support opportunities can be managed effectively.