About Us

PIMIENTA is a Puerto Rican corporation dedicated to the development, production and promotion of local and international film projects. The company provides all type of production advisory services related to the production process. Pimienta is run by a remarkable team of film professionals dedicated to make films happen in Puerto Rico with the skills and passion, to handle effectively every step of the process, from development to delivery. The Team is headed by Luillo Ruiz, who is one of the leading producers in Puerto Rico, with over ten years of experience producing commercials and feature films. 

PIMIENTA provides all type of production services (budgeting, crew sources, equipment, locations scoutings), advisement and execution of political negotiations (unions, permits) and support for financial structuring (banking, securing tax credit), among other services.

Our company combines local knowledge and contacts, with a broad international experience in production and finance, for international producers that are looking to film in Puerto Rico.

PIMIENTA is part of the international media group International Film Collective (IFC), and works closely with the sales and finance company The SALT Co.