About Puerto Rico

Located at the center of the Caribbean and just a few miles south east of Miami, the beautiful island of Puerto Rico has fast become one of the hottest shooting destinations. As part of the US and with infinite location possibilities, aggressive tax credits, and everything within your reach, Fast Five, The Rum Diary and The Losers are just some of the productions that have recently taken advantage of the island’s incentives, location diversity, and great production resources. Considered one of the fastest growing film industries in Latin America, Puerto Rico offers for producers looking to maximize their investment. Some of Puerto Rico’s incentives include:               

  • 40% tax credit on all Puerto Rican expenditures and 20% tax credit on all non-resident ‘on screen talent’.
  • Highly trained, experienced and fully bilingual crews, production staff, line producers and unit production managers.
  • A US territory with US currency, US passport and domestic flights (8 hour to LA and 4.5 hours to NY).

Year long warm climate and location diversity that includes urban spaces (neighborhoods, suburbs, picturesque communities, wide-ranging roads, very modern and very old buildings, stylish and classic hotels, cafes, warehouses, airports, ports, etc.) and geographical areas (beach, tropical rain forest, highlands, costal plains, cliffs, caves, rivers, lakes).